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Decrease that Mental Clutter

Image via Allan Ajifo | Flickr | Enhanced by Entrepreneur

In our last post we mentioned this article about a Swedish art director who decided to wear the same outfit to work everyday. Pee-wee Herman did it. Steve Jobs did it. Even President Obama does it to some extent. The reason? To spend less time, energy and brainpower thinking about trivial things -- limiting daily non-critical decisions to focus on the more critical ones.

 There’s been a lot of research going on around this idea, and in the workplace this results in saving time, money and overall mental bandwidth. As this article in Entrepreneur Magazine states, “Many managers fail to realize that limiting decisions is not the same as limiting the expenditure of time or financial resources.” If scientists are correct, and decision-making power is indeed a “depletable resource”, then we should all probably take a step back and reconsider considering that next decision.