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Mad Men Turned Mad Women

Sunday was the last episode of Mad Men. I’m not going to spoil the ending if you haven’t caught it yet (wasn’t that nice of me, Jenny?). Well, I haven’t seen it either. Not the way you are supposed to, that is. I saw it via Twitter during its East Coast air time, and through several episode recaps and reviews the next day (actually the recaps started to happen just minutes after the episode had ended on the East Coast, that’s 8 PM on the West Coast, so I was well informed early).

Why I didn’t watch it on TV?

Lost interest. That’s the sad story about Mad Men and me. Up to season 5, I was all for watching Don Draper’s messy life. But after season 6, not so much. The series got repetitive. Just like life. Yeah, just like life. I just lost interest in Don.

But miss the ending? I don’t think so.

I actually really liked the ending. That’s when the series turned from Mad Men to Mad Women. The send off the female characters pointed towards the future. And thinking about it, in a way, Mad Men has been a show chronicling the progress of women in the work place and in life. Quite simply, it’s been a show about the struggle for equality.

As a woman in advertising, you have to love that.

PS. In honor of the show and the women on it, I have Mad Men’d myself, you can also do that here