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At the Click of a Button

Image via Pinterest

Two new app updates will now make it easier for you to buy and shop, for better or worse.

After being acquired by Facebook in 2012, ads began to be slowly appear in Instagram feeds. These first ads were few and far between, and were more about building brand awareness than anything else. That will all change now that Instagram is changing who can advertise and how with direct-response ads and “Shop Now” buttons. So basically, Instagram will be using information from its own app and Facebook to better and more specifically target its users. What does this mean for users? Expect more (and potentially less attractive) ads you may or may not want in your feed.

With a new option that was announced on the same day this week, Pinterest is going with a similarly direct approach to getting you the things with a “buyable Pins” feature, allowing users to buy instantly at the click of a “Buy it” button. What does this all mean for users? Considering that buyers are already using Pinterest to “window shop,” adding the ability to purchase instantly isn’t so farfetched. If anything, it sounds dangerous! Instagram users, on the other hand, may not be quite as thrilled to have ads suddenly clogging up their feeds, as it’s been reserved as a more personal, social media sharing space thus far.

Boramy Khloth