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Rich & Poor, A Story of Our Time

Jim Goldberg describes himself as a ‘documentary storyteller’. Throughout his internationally acclaimed photographic career, he often followed the faith of the neglected, the abandoned, the ones that society gave up on – young homeless, (“Raised by Wolves”) refugees and migrants (“Open See”) or the elderly (”Hospice”).

Rich and Poor” is a collection of poignant black and white portraits of San Francisco residents in the 1970s and 80s. But they are more that simple clichés. Through the lens of a socially aware witness and through the words of his subjects, handwritten on the photos, they tell the story of our time. It’s the story of American society, compelling yet disturbing, raw yet poetic. It’s the clash between two worlds, the illustration of class warfare. A story that couldn’t be more contemporary and still so representative of his native San Francisco today.

Jim Goldberg will be in conversation with Randy Kennedy, New York Times at SFJazzCenter on Wednesday Feb 25th. It’s almost sold out!

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‘The photographs are about asking questions, not answering them”
Jim Goldberg

Gwen Lafage