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Jenny’s European Extravaganza - Danish Design and Developments

I just spent a weekend in Copenhagen. It was fantastic to get to be the tourist, and there's so much great design everywhere you look! But beyond that, I was blown away by the amount of construction going on everywhere. The Copenhagen Metro even took the opportunity to turn building sites into communal art. I would have loved to have seen a similar treatment done to Muni's Central subway expansion!

While it’s clear that San Francisco is not the only growing city, we seem more unhappy about it than the rest of the world. Is it because our city is doing it in the wrong way? Are we not doing enough to protect our weak citizens? Or is it more about the essence of San Francisco and protecting our secret recipe? If that's the case, why do other cities not have that same fear? Or are we simply afraid that sharing our success with more people will somehow lessen our experience of it? Our piece of the pie smaller? Maybe it’s just hard to compare to Copenhagen who was voted happiest country in the world by the United Nations World Happiness Report in both 2013 and 2014 (they sadly fell to the third spot this year)!

Some other great things about Copenhagen? Bikes everywhere. This even includes special sections of their subway trains dedicated to parking your bike (and much nicer than BART’s, to boot). And Danish design infuses absolutely everything. But not in a frivolous way - it’s more functional and more about improving experiences, both big and small. Perhaps the next Sköna office should be placed in Copenhagen!