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Ljugarns Beer - Here at last!

This past winter we designed a set of beer bottle labels for a company called Ljugarns from the island of Gotland. The design focused around the mermaid and a little known story that goes something like this:

A fisherman’s kind gesture to a mermaid in need begins our story. In gratitude, her warning of high seas have saved him from a fateful end while others perished at sea. The Gotland mermaid has continued to protect wayward seafarers since the early 1800s. Today the chill of the sea is bottled here in Ljugarns. Raise a glass to the Gotlands Sjöjungfru and give thanks for safe harbor and good friends.

And last week, I was lucky enough to get to taste the fruits of our labors as I received a case of the beer. So here it is, the design and label in all its glory - cheers!