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Sköna Gets Up and Moves

As the office manager here at Sköna, I wear a lot of hats. I always try to maintain a positive morale in our work environment, even amidst stressful deadlines, and help to ensure that everything here is organized and running smoothly. I also try to make sure there are always plenty of snacks, drinks and supplies to make everyone’s workday comfortable and productive.

As a part-time nursing student, I also have a keen interest in incorporating healthy habits and snacks into our office routines: stocking fresh fruit each week, choosing low sugar and low calorie snacks, and the most recent addition to the Sköna work day: Get up and move!

At my recent Kaiser optometry appointment, I noticed an alert pop up on the computer screen prompting my optical sales rep to get up and stretch. She said the reminder alerted her every 30 minutes. Then, coming into work one morning shortly thereafter, I heard my fellow colleague, Gunilla, preaching to everyone who walked in the door about an article she had just read declaring, “Sitting is the new smoking!” An article published in Forbes earlier this year provides compelling information taken from Tom Roth’s New York Times best seller, Eat Move Sleep. “Sitting is the most underrated health-threat of modern time,” Roth claims.

But Roth isn’t the only person making these predictions. Doctors and researchers devoted to studying the effects of American’s increasingly sedentary lifestyles have proclaimed that sitting is just as bad, if not worse than smoking. Sitting leads to more deaths than HIV and greatly increases your risk for cancer and other serious illnesses. “We are sitting ourselves to death,” researchers summarize in a related article on HuffPost’s Healthy Living.

After all the recent glaring signs, I believed it to be the perfect time to try something new in our office. Exercise is shown to improve problem-solving abilities, fluid intelligence and memory, as well as aid in boosting creative thinking; something Sköna folks pride themselves on.  So, in an effort to break our traditional 8 hours of sitting behind a computer screen 5 days a week, Sköna gets up and moves every hour or so for a few minutes. Whether it be a light stretch next to their desk, or a quick walk outside with one of our furry friends, all of us at Sköna are making an effort to be more active and productive!

It's a fun break in our day too! We crack up at each other's different stretching skills.

Check out the cool, and free Mac desktop app we use to help keep us of on top of our new routine! 

How do you break up your seated day in the office?

Stella and Meera don't complain about stretching at all!