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Design Perspectives: State of the Web

As a design team here at Skona, we’re always sharing ideas and discussing

what’s going on in the world of design. A lot of that discussion involves the current

state of digital or web design. 

It seems like the recent trends have taken us to a place where every website looks the same — 

or more accurately, every business looks the same. Is that what clients need? Want? 

Or is it just a slippery slope with a pile at the bottom of the hill?

But while we’ve obviously reached “peak parallax”, there’s also an opportunity

to leverage the good design aesthetics and technologies that got us here. Ditch the carousels,

really address content strategy and create thoughtful and engaging user experiences.

Now is the time to be looking forward and taking a more adventurous approach to digital. 

Fortunately we are always designing interactive solutions for our clients. 

More and more we are challenging them and ourselves to not fall into the obvious solution. 

But that has been true in 2005 as much as 2015. Stay tuned for some of the more

successful collaborations, and more design perspectives from the Skona team.

Design done well: Vanity Fair's New Establishment Summit site.
Design done well: Vanity Fair's New Establishment Summit site.