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"Cheats" for the Turner Exhibition

Time to hurry – again – if you want to catch the Turner exhibition at the De Young, my favorite museum. The exhibition, J. M. W. Turner: Painting Set Free, ends the 20th of this month. If you can’t make it, here are some short reviews, just pick the one that applies to you:

From a middle aged man in advertising (husband): “It’s like walking through a thrift shop hoping to find something worth buying.“

From a middle aged women (me) “Well, I really want to like this, but there isn’t much that really moves me. Besides the ones where he goes totally impressionistic and just loses himself in the light; that’s beautiful. The one with Napoleon is weird. Or fantastic. I actually don’t know which.”

From a tween (daughter in middle school): “This is awesome, he paints the tree in the same spot on every painting. The best art we have ever seen. Can we leave now?”