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Changing the Face of HR Tech for Entelo


The same day that Entelo - a leading innovator in talent acquisition - revealed their new AI product Envoy - we launched their new website!

The website is a big facelift for Entelo, founded in 2011 and based out of San Francisco. It displays an innovative and sleek brand and shifts the communication from technical details to the solutions that Entelo’s products provide.

To expand the existing Entelo brand and offering, we explored several different directions for the site through both moodboards and homepage layouts. And where is the first place to start when starting a HR Tech website project? With people. 

Since people are the essence of HR, we wanted to highlight actual job candidates and communicate the automation of sourcing and finding people from a vast pool of options.


In order to deliver on our design vision, we did a photoshoot with our photography partners Nat & Cody. The result can be seen across the site as well as in Entelo’s own promotions of the Envoy launch. We also brought in our SEO partner to help improve rankings and drive traffic to the site.

With a record-short timeline we designed and developed a site that we’re all really proud of, and although you might recognize a few Skona ‘candidate’ faces, we’re all planning to stay right where we are!