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Sköna Opens in Sweden

14 years ago, we opened the doors to Skona Advertising Inc. There’s no way I could have foreseen the industry changes that would ensue. Back then, we were working in QuarkExpress and digital meant producing and writing a CD Rom containing glorified power points.

The industry has clearly changed - as have we!
When we first started, our clients included Bay Area staples such as the SF Examiner, the Palace Hotel, Blue & Gold Fleet and Alcatraz. But starting in 2005, we were shifting over to the Hi Tech world as we started working with VMware. The next few years saw VMware grow from 900 people to almost 20,000 and we were fortunate enough to be part of that. As people moved on in their careers to other start-ups in the valley, they took Skona and our expertise with them.

Today - and 35 high tech companies later - we possess a unique insight and expertise into how to market and grow Silicon Valley companies, from start-ups to large enterprises. With the explosion of the Swedish tech scene, the natural next step for us is to create an outpost in Sweden. Over the years, we’ve built up a playbook for success including demand gen, inbound marketing, engagement marketing and events, Brand Gen and now ABM activities, helping CMOs build strong Hi Tech brands while providing value through lead generation. We’re excited to start applying our experience to the new generation of tech companies coming out of Europe as well as of course guiding them into the US market.