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News from Sweden: A New Beginning

Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Gamla Stan, Stockholm

The transition from California was long and the road had many curves, hills and bumps but it finally feels like we have officially settled in. We’ve got a new house (with lots of room and lots of light), a nice neighborhood (surrounded by trees and not too far from the city), a new friendly pre-school (where kids, teachers and parents are all very welcoming and helpful), and with spring on its way (the snow has melted and temperatures finally rise above 5 degrees Celsius / 40 Fahrenheit), Sweden feels like a new beginning.

It’s a new beginning for our little family, but also a new beginning for Sköna. And so far both feel right: being back in Europe while embracing the Swedish way of life + opening Sköna Europe in Stockholm and exporting our Silicon Valley expertise.

While Sweden, land of innovation, is becoming an important tech hub in Europe, our experience working with successful CMOs from some of the best high tech companies in the Silicon Valley is proving to be a real advantage and a true opportunity here. So far everyone I’ve met seems interested in our story to learn what makes Silicon Valley MarketingTech different (in many ways, so advanced and efficient).

Being at the forefront of innovation and technology, all trends seem to start and get tested in the Silicon Valley first -- from marketing automation and demand gen campaigns to content marketing and inbound marketing campaigns, from retargeting to account-based marketing. At Sköna, we have helped our clients through it all. We are ready to do the same here in Europe. Our main strength: being able to build strong brands while understanding the necessity to always drive leads.

So I’m sure you’re wondering: what about that Swedish way of life I just mentioned?
Here are a few takeaways:

  • A genuine understanding of work/life balance

  • A carpe diem attitude -- embrace all days, all seasons and find pleasures in it all

  • Lagom: the concept of “just right”. Everything is more enjoyable when you know how to do it in moderation. Apparently it might be this year’s trend to follow anyway:  Elle UK  or LifeStyle

  • Equality and humility. There is no reason to show off. Just enjoy what you have like everyone else. Success takes many forms and can belong to everyone.

This BuzzFeed article from 2014 might also be a good summary: Life lessons from the Swedes. 

Södermalm, Stockholm

Södermalm, Stockholm

Last snow, at the playground down the street

Last snow, at the playground down the street