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Welcome Kate!

We've hired a former high school teacher with a humorous list of teenage summer jobs—including spending one summer punching holes in PVC pipes for filtration systems and another as a prep cook responsible for preparing mayonnaise-based sauce. Before Skona, she worked at Uber as a Senior Marketing Strategist. Say hi to Kate, our new Strategic Account Director.

What’s the difference between a classroom and an agency?

Although, when I was a teacher I got away with a lot of nerdy jokes and everyone had to do what I told them to do... these days not so much... But there's so much about an agency setting that's similar to the classroom. As an account person and strategist, I'm responsible for writing the "lesson plans" for our creative team and making sure all "homework" gets turned in on time. I always tell people the classroom prepares you for anything and everything.

Helpful at Uber too?

Yes. When I joined Uber 2013, it was still a small company that most people had never heard of yet. My ride at Uber included many different roles from overseeing marketing campaigns, executive communications, and marketing strategy. Now at Sköna, I'm the Strategic Account Director, a hybrid role that mixes my background in strategy and program management.

What’s your first impression of Sköna?

I am so happy I found a new work home at Sköna. The team is a true ensemble cast and the collaborative process is unlike anywhere I've ever worked. Also the office dogs -- it's just so great to have a furry friend to pet in the middle of the day. And people are not playing around with their lunch. It’s serious business. I like it.

Do you have any secret talents?

Does being able to talk to anyone and anywhere count? I can start a conversation in the grocery line or at a traffic stop. It's more of a problem than a talent ...