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Two Signs Your Partner Might Be the Next Supermodel

The first, these mannequins in Copenhagen. The second, a new ad campaign from Sweden.

Back in the day, Swedish model Marcus Schenkenberg got big headlines for showing a small, but important, piece of clothing slightly below his very impressive abs. After him came Mark Wahlberg, Freddie Ljungberg (another Swede!), Nick Jonas, Kellan Lutz and David Beckham. They have all stripped down to show their underwear. And now, out of Sweden comes their replacement; seven men that could actually be your husband. Your very own partner.  Yes, it’s an ad with kind of normal men showing briefs and boxers.

The idea is a take on the very popular Dove concept – focusing on real people, not models. Showing imperfection as perfection.

The name of the campaign is "Underwear for Perfect Men" and you can watch the commercial here. The agency behind is, as with every great thing I find, F&B from Sweden - my former agency. Nowadays F&B is the most awarded agency in the world for both digital and advertising (according to the Gunn Report).