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What’s in a name?

The app had a working name – Point. But to the client’s point (pun very much intended), that wasn’t good enough.

So what do you call a location-based self-guided tour-app where you connect through stories and personal experiences? An app that presents a new way to share your world?

And if you have been working on your idea, your app, for quite some time – it’s like naming a baby; it has to be a really good name. You want the name to capture the essence of the idea, you want it to stand out and catch attention. To be special. The name cannot be too complicated – it needs to be easy to remember, easy to Google, and, just as I just did, capable of being turned into a verb. And, on top of that, it has to be somewhat unique, open to claim and copyright.

The next step is to look at the competition and then you get to work. You play with words and letters and languages. Basically, you brainstorm:

Trip stream, Junket, Bivouac, Bugout, Ramble, JunketRoam, Rover/Rovr, Spree, Frolic/frolic, Foray, Vamoose, Scoot/skoot, Skedaddle, Urplanet, Guidery, Trip slide, Go fan, Trip fan, Go-mas, Jaunt, Shuttle, Navigaze, Navigazer, Tursita, Tourista, Vagabon, Tourage, Travelbee, Cart, Vespa, Punt, We*doo, Ben her, Urvista, Wedoo, Passage, Port, Knapsack, Hiatus, Embarq, Vagary, Sojourn, Trapise, Satchel, Bthere, Roadi, Postcards, Adventure, Tale, Tail, Travelogue, Schmoop, Storyteller, Connections, Explorers, Buzz (Aldrin),Neil (Armstrong), Magellan, Marco, Polo, Pizarro McFly, SkipStone, Uwhere, Bthere, Bhere, Usee, Gawk, Wayaway, Awaywgo, Awaywego, Awaygo, Freego, Gogogo, Wegogo, Wego, Inspirigo, Walkabout, Getabout, Toury, Playme, Tripme, Paths, Flashtrip, Wayway, Questa, Tripp, Trippy, Strollie, Find, Roadi, Peeps, Pursue, Adventure, Venture, Go Fish, Chase, TinyTrips, Go!, Wheel, Lead, Road, Track, Step, Spoor, Route, Trace, Find, Zeek, Vamp, Trucha, Jam,Scout, StepWander, Wandr, Travl, Trekk, Shortcut, Stroll/Strol/Strollz, Hike/hyke, Explor, Docent, Guide, Pindrop, Convoy, Usher, Sherpa, SlideGo, SnapTrip, SnipTrip, Lark, Caper, Flipboard, Tripboard, Tripsnap, Tripflip, Flighter, Tourage, Plotter Plot, Wherever...

This is about 25% of what we came up with, and the bold ones made it to the second round. Now, we researched each and every one. Was it already claimed? Was a domain open? Would it work internationally? We did not want to pull a Roxette. Remember the Swedish band from the … late 80s? (OMG, time really does fly.) The big hits were “The Look”, “Listen to Your Heart” and “It Must Have Been Love”. Well, in Malaysia, Roxette is the name of a laxative.

One has to be careful when picking a name, but in the end it comes down to a strong gut feeling. What does the baby look like? Is she really a Mathilda? Or maybe a Margret?  

The client picked Rovr. Now their baby has a name. Now the journey can begin. 


As a bonus, Roxette, “It Must Have Been Love” from Pretty Woman