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Sunflower Mondays. Yankee Fridays.

At Sköna, we have a couple weekly rituals and they all involve some of my favorite activities: eating and drinking. 

Every Monday, we order in from the popular Vietnamese restaurant up the street, Sunflower, and sit around what we call our “Game of Thrones” table to share stories of our weekend shenanigans.

Tuesday through Thursday, we fend for ourselves, but our same GOT table still seems to fill up for a nice 20-30-minute break of catching up over all of our homemade leftovers or quick Whole Foods runs.

As soon as noon rolls around on Friday, we’re all out of our seats and headed toward the door for our end of the week ritual: lunch at the Yankee.  Yankee food can be… questionable at times, but the atmosphere and good company is what we’re all really hungry for. Unless an urgent last-minute deadline catches one of us, we make it a priority to attend Friday lunch. This routine keeps us close and involved in each other’s lives, and gets us ready for our weekend – we share our plans over a pitcher of IPA and go around the table to hear what everyone is looking forward to most. 

Cheers to Friday! 
Cheers to Friday! 

In addition to taking breaks for lunch, Beer Fridays, our newest biweekly ritual, allows for some extra Sköna bonding time. Every other Friday, the office closes down at 4pm. We gather around our favorite table, or rooftop if the weather permits, enjoy some light snacks and beer and share the coolest stuff we’ve come across over the week – interesting creative concepts, campaigns we love, new apps we dig, or ideas we want to try as an agency. It’s our stress-free time to share with each other, relax after a busy workweek and stay inspired as a creative agency.

Fleet Week SF
Fleet Week SF

Speaking for myself, after working almost 3 years in an intense, start-up work environment where taking more than a 10-minute jaunt to grab lunch was frowned upon, Mondays and Fridays at Sköna are priceless. And I think I speak for most of my team when I say we all value our designated time for good company and conversation.