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Look, Another Swede at Sköna

"My first impression of Sköna? I have to go with the same answer as Christine and Lindsey - lots of talk about what to have for lunch, and I joined in right away!"

From Stockholm to New York to San Francisco. Anna thought it would be a relatively short stay in the US before she’d return home to Sweden, but here she is – 12 years later. 

What do you do all day at Sköna? I’m mainly working on our website projects. I’m the connection between the client and our design and developer teams, and I work to make sure we build a product that meets the client’s objectives and Skona’s quality standards, on time and budget. I like that my work ranges from more high-level strategy down to production details!

The best thing about Sweden: My family and friends, the nature and air, seasons, salted licorice and “kaviar”, long summer nights… should I go on?

Are you homesick? Yes. Sometimes. 

Tell us about your side-job: I work as a jewelry designer with my own line Anna Andersson Jewelry