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The San Francisco Paradox

Alex Pelosi’s compelling new doc, San Francisco 2.0, paints a realistic picture of the current situation in San Francisco. A beautiful city by The Bay, full of opportunities and jobs, built on a foundation of hope and dreams, ready to change the world. A city growing too fast, struggling to deal with inequalities, pushing its working class out. A city eaten up by a crowd of young careerist visionaries, where money has become the only law.

We’re afraid that the city is losing its soul. And it might be. It might become something else entirely. San Francisco tech companies may very well be inventing the economy of the future, but San Francisco residents are taking the professional risks and paying the housing prices.

Those of us who didn’t grow up here came for a reason and are staying for a reason. Amazing scenery, close proximity to nature, fantastic weather all year long, a legacy of adventure and originality, and, of course, good job opportunities. This all comes at a cost, both financially and culturally.

The uncomfortable truth for most veteran and newbie San Franciscans is that The City is becoming a place we love to hate and hate to love.

San Francisco 2.0 is available on HBO.