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What Does Family Mean to You?

This year has had ups and downs. When I reflect, I land on feeling lucky to be surrounded by family. Not just my traditional family, but all the people that have become family too. This is my ninth year with Sköna, and they have truly become an extension of my family. We build each other up (and sometimes break each other down) but we always go back to building up! I love that we're all here for each other, doing great work to boot. I also have all the amazing friends and connections I've made living here in the Bay Area, all of whom I consider family as well.

My partner, Alex and I got engaged in November this year, and I couldn't be more thrilled. We've been a great three-part unit with Meera our dog, but now it feels more solidified with a new chapter where I'm starting my own family.

I'm excited for the coming weeks and all the joy the holidays will bring, but also for 2016. Between Sköna, friends, and family, there may be bumps but there will always be hope and love.

Cheers to all the good there is to come!