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What We're Thankful For

Obsessions with Apple, a passion for insightful literature and local food joints are amongst the many things we are grateful for this season. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.

What electronic device are you most grateful for?

“I have a love affair with my iPhone. I try and take breaks from it while with friends and during dinner, but we otherwise don't like to be separated. She counts all my steps.“

- Janessa, Creative Director

“My iPhone 6 Plus for its massive screen”

- Lindsey, Account Manager

What book are you most grateful for?

“The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho - life changing book about the meaning of life.

It's a must read!” - Alan, Senior Art Director

“The Immigrant series by Vilhelm Moberg, about Swedish farmers settling in Minnesota during 1850s. It actually helps me understand the American society of today. True.”

- Gunilla, Account Planner

What product do you use on a daily basis that you most appreciate?

“My toothbrush? Without it, who knows.”

- Blake, Developer

“An iMac computer”

- Scott, Creative Director and Co-Founder

What foods are you most thankful for?

“Lumpia and pancit “

- Marc, Developer

“Swedish pancakes on Saturday mornings”

- Jenny, Co-Founder

What musician or type of music are you most thankful for?

“Shoegaze for lulling me to sleep”

- Boramy, Account Executive

“Country music. They get the basics of day-to-day life and what's important.”

- Scott, Co-Founder

What local store or restaurant are you most grateful for?

“I'm grateful for the taquerias in the Mission. Especially Taqueria Guadalajara”

- Christine, Designer

“Cafe Leila, in Berkeley. Comforting food for the family in a nice garden”

- Gwen, Account Director

What philanthropic cause or organization do you feel thankful for?

“I feel thankful for all the non-profit organizations that Skona gets to work with like the Food Bank, ALRP, Lava Mae, the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center and the Alessandra Barlas Foundation”

- Jenny, Co-Founder of Skona