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Family, Food, Snow & Music

As the year winds down, you can't help to think back to all that has transpired. It's been a year of extremes for many, including us at Sköna. A year of highs and lows, but at the end of the day the important thing is that we still have each other! I’m lucky to be surrounded by family wherever I go, whether it’s to work at Sköna, to friends’ houses, or to any of my 20+ first cousins’ houses (all in the Bay Area).

Christmas to me means family time - yeah I said it, Christmas! It’s not very often that my whole family can get together given everyone’s busy schedules. I have a huge Filipino family - my mom has 7 brothers and sisters, most of whom have multiple kids (my cousins), and most of them have their own kids now (my nephews & nieces). This makes for a pretty big family gathering with an insane amount of filipino food and presents. Some of my favorites: lumpia, pancit, lechon and afritada (pork stew).

Other than stuffing our faces, my cousins, friends and I fill our winter breaks with snowboarding trips, ice hockey, jam sessions, and playing video games. This winter I’ll be in Tahoe every weekend and for most of the break - see you on the slopes!