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Waiting for the Holidays to Rise

It’s late. I’m waiting for the Lussekatter, that’s saffron buns, to rise so I can put them in the oven. Bake them and go to bed. It’s super late. No tree is decorated. No gingerbread cookies are baked. No Lucia dress is washed. No Christmas shopping is done. But I don’t care about that. I don’t fret over that. I just care about these half baked buns. That refuse to rise.

Because these yellow things are the Holidays for me.

Most people like gingerbread cookies better, they say that's more Christmassy. Nope. They are wrong. The gingerbread dough is delicious though. Back in the days, when I baked with my mother, she urge me not to eat the dough (which is DELICIOUS), because if I did, I would get a terrible stomachache. Later in life, like two years ago, I learned that was true. You do get a terrible stomachache if you eat a lot of gingerbread dough. It’s actually quite brutal.

Come on, rise, stupid buns!!! Did I do something wrong with the yeast???

If my mom was here she would have been able to tell me why these buns are resisting the yeast. But it’s only me here, alone in the kitchen, family sleeping, and rain tapping on the window.

Wait … they are actually rising – there is movement!  I think I can bake them now.

The Holidays are here!


It’s even later. I’m a bit tired. But happy. I have had my first saffron bun. It was so worth staying up for.