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Home is There, Home is Here

Photo credit: Helena Wahlman/
Photo credit: Helena Wahlman/

One week from now I’ll be on my way 'home' – to Sweden. There, family and friends, and Christmas memories from my childhood await – mom’s Christmas spread, tree decorations going back decades, state television showing Disney cartoons at 3pm. Also there is the familiarity of the air, the nature. Sure, jetlag, cold weather and very few hours of sunlight too. I still can’t wait! 

But I feel lucky, that while I live far away from Sweden I’m surrounded by a community here in San Francisco that lets me take part in all of the Holiday traditions I’m used to. Through the Scandinavian school, my daughters have participated in the traditional “St. Lucia” celebration. With friends, I’ve baked ginger cookies and saffron buns. I’ve toasted the typical Holiday drink “Glögg” at several occasions already. Thanks to, my kids and I keep the tradition of watching the daily TV Christmas calendar. And at Sköna I’ve enjoyed a big, tasty Swedish Christmas luncheon together with the amazing group of people I’m fortunate to spend time with every day. 

Cold, warm, dark, or light – wishing you a Happy Holiday!