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Passing on the Family Tradition

A Lafage Family Story

Christmas, for many, is a family tradition. The tradition comes back every year, yet the spirit stays unchanged. What does change, however, is the family!

When I was a kid, I celebrated Christmas with my parents, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents – there were up to 12 of us, and each year part of our tradition was to first go to church together. I remember the long mass where my cousins, sister and I could never sit still as the excitement and expectations were so high – because, you see, in my family, Santa always came with his presents while we were all at church! After mass, we would then all gather to eat seafood, fois gras, turkey with chestnuts, cheese and the famous Buche de Noel. It was only after that feast that we were finally able to open our presents and play until the adults were ready to call it a night.

Over time, the elders left us, and my cousins, sister and I all grew up and left our nests. We all met our future partners, and at some point decided that we wanted to start spending Christmas with them instead. The ‘Christmas family’ started to change. For a few years, my then boyfriend and I managed to unite our families – my parents, his parents, and sometimes my sister and her boyfriend, all gathered together for a Christmas feast. No longer a kid, the excitement wasn’t as high, but the tradition and, of course, the food were still there.

Now, I live far way from home and I’ve started my own family. Instead of up to 12 of us, this Christmas will be shared between just my daughter, my husband and me. Of course, we’ll still cook a special meal and exchange presents, but now my cause for excitement won't be for Santa, but because of my daughter. After all, there is nothing more magical than seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child! Through her, the Christmas tradition will live on forever.