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Super Bowl Ads and Peyton Manning's Gift

Someone was super, super happy yesterday.  And, at the same time super, super bummed. You know whom?


Why? I’ll tell you. They were probably super happy about their ads. In my opinion, not so super special. The one with it-girl Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan was ok. I loved the one with Helen Mirren. But neither of these ads could match that old one from a thousand years ago that taught us to say, “whazzup”.

One thing is for sure, Budweiser must have spent a ton of money on their Super Bowl campaign. I mean, on top of the cost of airing during Super Bowl, you also have to add the stars’ fee. But all that was probably in the budget, so that’s nothing to be bummed about.

But, imagine that you had spent all that money buy didn’t have to. Imagine how bummed you would be then. Yes, super bummed. That happened to Budweiser.

They didn’t have to spend all that money, because, the winning quarterback endorsed them on live TV. He said, answering the reporters’ questions, that he was not going to think about retirement that night, he was going to hug his family, celebrate and drink a lots of Buds


That’s what he said. On live TV. For free. Brand analytics valued the mention to $13.9 million. And Peyton is not on their payroll. He did it for free.

That’s something to be super happy about. And a little bummed, if they had had known …

By the way, over 4 million people posted on social media yesterday about the Super Bowl. Top keywords included: Gaga, Beyonce, Peyton, Broncos and Panthers.

Pictures from Billboard and zap2it