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Meditation and Creativity

At first, I didn’t think it was for me. I’m usually more of an active (sometimes even competitive) person – yoga, for example, bores me. I couldn’t really see the point of it. There is no end-goal. It doesn’t make you stronger or smarter.

Then one weekend in Colorado, it was so cold and snowy that there was nothing better to do so I gave it a try. I picked up all the paraphernalia. And guess what? I became addicted!

Of course, I’m talking about adult coloring books.

I initially saw the trend as ridiculous and slightly dumb, but I changed my mind after a couple of mandalas and jungle flowers. After a stressful day of working or running after a toddler, there is something soothing about coloring. You can empty your brain by concentrating on something uneventful and unimportant like picking colors and staying inside the lines. They say it is a new form of meditation. I’d also like to believe that there is satisfaction in doing a ‘creative’ activity – all day I’m surrounded by talented creative minds, so this might be a new way for me to explore my creativity!

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