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Thanks Åhlens, Now I'm Ok with Getting Older

One of my friends turned 60 this weekend. It was my first. I was invited to the party, couldn’t go because it was in Göteborg, Sweden. I liked all the photos from the party on Facebook and Twitter, but that was a cold comfort. I wanted to be there, to celebrate. It’s kind of amazing that I now have a friend that is 60 years old. When I was younger I considered 60-year olds as more or less over. Poor People. Admit it, we all did. Today, not so much. But getting older, I actually sometimes still feel that way, that I am soon over, until I saw this campaign. I have no fear now. Now, I look forward to next year. 

Here's the video (with subtitles), enjoy!

Agency: Forsman&Bodenfors, Göteborg

Campaign: Åhlens No Limits

Photos: Åhlens