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Do you know about immersive art?

Well now you have a chance to experience it, right in the heart of the Silicon Valley until July 1st.

A “digital playground for all ages”, the art installation by Japanese tech-art collective teamLab at the Pace Gallery in Menlo Park will delight families, tech nerds and art aficionados alike.

Mixing light, sound, video and virtual reality, the exhibition invites participants to immerse themselves in multi-room environments spanning 20,000 ft² and showcasing 20 digital works.

The uniquely magical experience is something that is hard to explain. For once, you’re not just a viewer admiring compelling artwork from the outside, but you also get to become part of the experience as you are surrounded by art. The movement and the constant evolution of the pieces draw you into a surreal dreamy universe and engage you visually and emotionally.

Don’t miss it!