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A Shoe That Did Not Fit...

So, I went to the movies this weekend. I went to see Cinderella, Kenneth Branagh’s adaption of the animated classic from 1950. Now, it’s with real people. And, it’s super boooooring. OMG. The movie has scored 84% on Rotten Tomatoes, my go-to site for ratings. We usually are in agreement, Rotten Tomatoes and I, but not this time. My main criticism is that the film never decides whether it’s a fairy tale or a modern day drama à la that Danish film maker von Trier. It’s not a good sign when you cringe the first time you see Cinderella with her parents, that L O V E her so much.

I love Cinderella; she is actually my favorite Disney princess. Not that many are into her. My daughter likes Aurora, from Sleeping Beauty and another of my younger friends, Emi, loves Elsa from Frozen.

And, Frozen has actually played a huge part in Cinderella’s box office success, because a brand new Frozen short film is screened before Cinderella. The hunger for more Frozen cannot be any more exaggerated, judging from the reactions in the theater when we saw Princess Elsa again.

Another thing, one of the commercials before the movie was custom-made for this film. The ad was a mother reading the Cinderella story to her daughter and the daughter questioning why this glass shoe issue wasn’t solved by going to Payless ShoeSource.

The next Disney animated film up for “real people acting” and a lot of CGI, is Beauty and the Beast. Emma Watson is going to play the lead. I might skip that one, even though I love Hermione.

My recommendation: Send the grandparents with your kids to this movie.