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World Championship Cannes Lion

The world cup of advertising is happening in Cannes right now – the Cannes Lion.  Amongst sailboats, bikinis, and snail lunches by the deep blue Mediterranean sea, creative directors, art directors and accounting people are competing for the awards, and the finest of them – the Grand Prix.

One of the first Grand Prix this year was awarded to the Swedish agency Ingo and the Swedish Tourist Association for their campaign, “The Swedish Number.”

It’s a pretty fun campaign, a simple, smart idea. Basically, you get connected to a random Swede when you call the given Swedish number. It could be anyone from, for example, Bättan in the middle of nowhere, to the prime minister answering the phone in Stockholm. Yes, they are both signed up. You’ll never know whom you will talk to. The Swedes signed up via an app, but had received no training, and had not been instructed about what to say (or not to say, for that matter). A lot of PR was generated when different news outlets, comedians and others called the number and talked to some random swedes.

So far 128 392 calls have been made; people from 178 countries have called. Check out the campaign site here, an pick up the phone while you're at it!

PS. This campaign also won the Titanium Lion, the top award, and the agency was ranked third in the category "Agency of the Year."