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Out With the Old, In With the New

After a close partnership of over four years, we couldn’t be prouder to launch the new website this week. Six months ago, we completed an overhaul of the ON24 brand that included a new positioning and interpretation of how this leading webinar platform communicates. And the new website is the final interpretation of this brand redesign.

After careful consideration, we decided on the Wordpress platform to power the site. The homepage is designed to educate potential customers on the premium webinar platform that ON24 offers. A mobile-inspired nav keeps the top of the site clean and bold. When users dive in, each page is composed of video and imagery to support the specific content and engage the user in an interactive way. The path that users are taken on is crafted and designed to be a demand gen machine. Easy to navigate and filled with customer stories, ON24’s new site is sure to onboard new customers and up-level ON24 in the tech stack conversation.  

Side by side comparison of the old site (left) vs. the new site (right)
Side by side comparison of the old site (left) vs. the new site (right)