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A Weekend in Waistland

Don’t miss this exhibition! Currently at the Legion of Honor is the High Style exhibit, featuring amazing fashion pieces from The Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection. Beautiful works of art from Chanel, Givenchy, Dior and Charles James, as well as pieces from Lanvin and Vionnet. Oh, and a couple pieces from the surrealist designer Elsa Schiaparelli. Loved it. It hit me, walking through the dimly lit room, that fashion is truly art and women’s waist sizes have travelled up and down over the years.

More waists were to come that same weekend. The next day I went to see the movie Ex Machina. In it, Swedish actor Alicia Vikander plays a robot. Half her body is CGI. Well, all her body is more or less CGI, and, of course, her waist is pretty tiny. The CGI is pretty mind-blowing, so well done. It’s great film. It’s almost like a chamber play. Very intimate. Slow-paced (yet on the other hand, I have never seen such a fast setup of a story), with some twist and turns. It had a very Blade Runner-feel, so if you like Sci-Fi, this is the movie to catch right now.

PS. The trailers to the Ex Machina were a remake of The Poltergeist, a remake of Mad Max, a remake of Jurassic Park and another Terminator movie. Yeah. Sad.