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Sound Box

No. 1, I love the Do List each week on KQED. Cy Musiker and David Wiegand tell me I've gotta do something, and just like that, I'm in! Cy recently introduced listeners to a very cool happening in San Francisco - SoundBox at the SF Symphony.

You enter through a back alley for a fully immersive music and art experience. With cocktails of course. And all of that sound is powered by our good friends at Meyer Sound. Their Constellation system allows for the musicians to transform the space to sound however they want. They control the experience. Constellation is a network of 25 microphones and 85 speakers, remotely controlled by an iPad.

Critics have called it a "magical" experience and definitely note the appeal the events have for the non-traditional, Millennial audience.

Run! Tickets are still available for tomorrow and Friday.