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Companies always ask us what are the secrets to assuring they create a great website. What are the steps they should focus on for success? Here’s a peek into websites the Sköna way, with five tips on what makes a great website:

#1 – Get Strategic

THE BIG PICTURE – Where are you now and where do you want to be?
The craft of creating a successful website requires a strategic, holistic approach that starts with the vision for the brand experience.


#2 – Rock that brand

WHAT’S BRAND GOT TO DO WITH IT? – Everything. The essence of your brand isn’t just the logo, some colors and a typeface or two. Every expression counts to reinforce a core brand message. Developing a cohesive brand language and design system is key to your digital success.


#3 – Define the Experience

UI, UX, VX, AR, VR… WSYISWYG – The abc’s of modern digital experiences. Is your digital engagement meant to be deeply immersive? A demand gen machine? Bleeding edge interaction showcase? A pre-IPO declaration of category ownership? We bring your brand to life in the digital world in any way possible / to exceed your expectations.


#4 – Develop with Best Practices

FRONT END, BACK END & EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN – For a website to move from good to great, it’s not enough to just look right, functionality has to be tightly integrated with design, adding genuine usefulness and business value.


#5 – Test for Success

THIS IS A TEST – The success of your site is a collaboration of stakeholders and specialists from every conceivable discipline from concept to launch. Before sending your site into the universe be damn sure it’s solid from top to bottom, from content to usability. That is how we deliver success.


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