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Designing The Grand Budapest Hotel

Image via Annie Atkins

I didn’t watch the Oscars this year but was very happy to find that Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel had won four awards. A fan of his since the Bottle Rocket days (although Rushmore is still my all-time fave), I'm ashamed to say that I was surprised to see the quirky underdog had finally gained some well-deserved recognition for his work. If you’re not familiar, Anderson is known for elaborate set design, beautiful cinematography and transporting his viewers into a magically whimsical world. One may notice the elements that make up his beautiful sets, but do they notice the smaller, most minute details?

Probably not. But Annie Atkins, lead graphic designer for the film, made sure to spare no expense when designing every single tiny element for the film. From wallpaper and carpet patterns, to stamps and fake currency -- she did an amazing job. It's Nice That just did a nice little write-up about all her hard work -- check it out here:

Also! Go see the film if you haven’t yet.

And! Visit Annie’s beautiful portfolio while you’re at it: