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“Lagom” - Now As A Font

I’m pretty sure there is nothing like the word “lagom” in any other language but Swedish. “Lagom” means not too much, not too little, just the right amount. The tricky thing is, that can differ from person to person, and from situation to situation. For example, imagine these conversations: “How much mustard?” “Lagom.” Or, “How firm do you like your mattress?” “Lagom.” Or, “How do you like your meat cooked?” “Lagom.” Or, “How much cake do you want?” “Lagom.”

It’s truly a very confusing word if you haven’t been brought up with it.

But, today we can actually show you lagom – Sweden Sans. It’s the new national font, to be used for communications on behalf of the Nordic nation, from press releases to tourism brochures. Swedish Sans is a rather simple and clean font, with a few fun details: a slash through the zero and a straight line that cuts through the bottom of a “Q.”

So, this is “lagom” as a font – just the right amount of everything, not too crazy, nor too understated. Clean but with a little twist, aka perfection.