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All-Time Top Five Favorite: Nick Hornby

Last night I made my way to the beautiful Nourse Theater to spend an intimate evening with author Nick Hornby, who was speaking at City Arts & Lectures. It being the first time I saw him in person, I was completely taken with his clever, self-deprecating humor and jokingly self-proclaimed “can’t do” attitude. He quietly entered the stage with “an accent because he’s from London” and talked about his writing career past and present, love for American TV culture and music, obsession with football (specifically Arsenal Football Club), newfound appreciation for Spotify, the 60’s, and of course, Bruce Springsteen. In short, a man after my own heart.

His most excellent novel, High Fidelity, was turned into what remains one of my all-time, top 5 favorite films (did you get that reference?) and although I understood why he didn’t delve into it as much as I’d have liked, he did touch on the screenplays and characters he helped develop for both “An Education” and “Wild”, as well as his latest novel, Funny Girl. The book tells the colorful tale of a country girl turned city girl turned TV star in 1960’s London, with an equally colorful cast of smart, humorous characters.

He ended the night with a brief but engaging Q&A with the audience before exiting the stage as quietly and unassumingly as he had entered. I left, selfishly wanting more, so I made my way to the lobby to pick up a signed copy of Funny Girl to cozy up with on my own. Still feeling high from the evening’s excitement, I have a funny feeling it’ll make its way into my top 5.