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The 19th Annual Webby Awards

You usually won’t hear me brag about awards – not because we haven’t won. I think it’s because I began my advertising adventure back in the first boom, when creativity and awards did little for actual businesses and most of the people who are featured in the award books from back then weren’t in business 5 years later.

However, today as Sköna received an honorable mention in the Webby Awards I can’t help but brag a little. Twelve years ago when we started this business, the most digital thing we did was put documents on a CD-ROM. We’ve come along way today in building a digital business, while retaining our core values in design and execution.

We’ll share the work and the award a little later on – we just want to share the news with our client first. But until then, thank you to all you Sköna peeps who are not afraid of trying new things and everyday help us get better and better!