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“The result is a breathtaking rendition of our new name, the triple loop representing the training, testing and tuning of machine learning models integrating into the letters.”

– Randi Barshack, CMO

AI company CrowdFlower officially changed their name to Figure Eight at the beginning of this month. We’ve been on a rebrand journey with them over the last 4 months, partnering with their marketing team to develop a new logo, a new visual brand identity, collateral materials and a new website. It’s been a busy few months!

Figure Eight’s human-in-the-loop platform that trains, tests, and tunes machine learning models to make AI work in the real world. When considering the logo and colors, it was important to convey the essence of machines and humans in combination, and to visualize the iterative process of AI.

The website extended from the new brand and is built to support both business and data scientist audiences. It elevates Figure Eight from a startup to a credible and successful enterprise. The overall design and images used evoke a more emotional reaction and reflects ‘AI in the real world’. The site is built on WordPress, and we created a really user-friendly admin that makes it easy to swiftly create any page layout.

Check it out! https://www.figure-eight.com/

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