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This summer was a busy one at Sköna. We were hard at work designing, developing, testing and launching SnapLogic’s brand new website.

This summer was a busy one at Sköna. We were hard at work designing, developing, testing and launching SnapLogic’s brand new website.

SnapLogic, founded in 2006, has raised over $135 million dollars in funding from investors. They’ve built a leadership brand in the self-service application and data integration space. And while their tried and true branding has served them well, they were ready for a change. Over the last several months, we’ve collaborated to extend their brand and build a new modern-looking website.

Let’s take a look behind the scenes at what goes into launching a complex B2B site like SnapLogic’s…

Finding the perfect new look

At the outset of our website development project, we started with a mood board exercise. We explored different possible photography, color, iconography, typography, and UI elements. This laid the foundation for the site style.

We also designed three distinct homepage concepts and presented them to the client. Once we had a winner it was on to the next step—wireframing.

Framing things up, just right

A wireframe is a tool that allows you to view a mockup of every page type, including UI elements like hover states and drop-down menus.

For the SnapLogic site, we developed dozens of wireframes including configurations for resource libraries and other key B2B demand-gen pages.

Extending designs, everywhere


Once wireframes were completed, we began to extend the design. That includes everything from imagery and color selection to helping with headlines. This design work is what truly breathes life into a site, telling a consistent and compelling story from page to page.

Code, code, test, FIX

Our small (but mighty) dev team then set work coding the site. Our development team is fully in-house, which means that they work hand-in-hand with creatives and clients to produce first-class code that enables easy and fast access to information through an intuitive navigation.

Once the site is developed, we worked closely with the client team to input content and test all pages. Testing is a critical step in the process too because it ensures that we know exactly how the site will perform on a range of large and small screen devices.

Ship & Celebrate

The end of a website project is always a big celebration. After lots of early mornings and late nights perfecting the site on desktop and mobile, we were ready to go live.

On August 31, the same week SnapLogic moved into their new office, we pushed their website live. How’s that for a big day?

Hats off to our partners at SnapLogic—this site was launched in record time!

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