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As mentioned in our UI Animation post, the Skona digital team recently had the pleasure of attending the Awwwards conference held here in San Francisco. Awwwards.com recognizes the best of the best across the digital landscape, so we were very excited to experience a conference focused on latest ideas, trends and tools related to all things digital.

Inspiring thinkers

This year’s speakers ran the gamut from creative thinkers to digital tinkerers, from UX guru’s to animation pros. The strongest themes included teamwork, collaboration, and the what’s happening at intersection of design and technology with WebVR, Progressive Web, Design Systems, Animation principles

It was also refreshing to hear multiple stories and approaches to keeping inspired, creating meaningfulness in ones work and life, and of course getting off one’s butt and just making things happen. Have you ever wanted to do something like create a PIZZA CAMP? Turns out you can!

Digital ideas for B2B

From the Skona perspective, it was super cool to see where we’re headed with new web tech like Progressive Web apps and WebVR, for instance. One can see how they could redefine web experiences for the business world. Imagine your B2B Conference Microsite that becomes more of an app-like experience on multiple devices without the time, labor and cost of developing a native app? Very cool stuff with very real-world practical applications.

Creative trends

On the creative end of the spectrum, some of our favorite presentations focused on web animation, the power of design systems, and the future of designing for depth, texture and sound in digital spaces.

Pablo Stanley was definitely a highlight of the group. His passion for UI animation, principles and practical tips really displayed his approach for creating engaging, memorable and smart web and product animations. And of course design systems. You can’t swing a cat in this town without hearing a conversation about design systems these days.

We’ve definitely been keeping an eye on these trends and it was great to see and hear fresh perspectives on them all and considering how we can leverage them with our Skona team.

Just do it!

Some of the more surprising themes of the conference revolved around teamwork, empowerment, and ideas of how to create rich, meaningful and rewarding experiences in your work, for your teams, and in your personal life. Some truly inspirational talks were shared by Aaron Draplin, Peter Smart and Haraldur Thorleifsson. The strongest takeaways their came down to humility, passion, trusting your gut and JUST DOING IT.

And in summary

Overall, it was a fantastic two days and we’re already using the inspiration to energize the Skona team, bringing some new spark to our digital efforts and of course embracing even more ways to up level our client’s work and business goals.


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