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“Interactive content generated conversions 70% of the time versus 36% for passive content.”

– Demand Metric Report

Content marketing has become second nature for B2B marketers today. You can be sure that any smart CMO will not to forget content in their marketing mix. Reading an insightful, well-targeted piece of static content (such as an ebook or a case study) is all good and well. But what about interactive content? What can it produce and is it worth the extra few bucks?

I went ahead and asked Uncle Google and found some interesting insights from a survey conducted by Demand Metric:

  • Comparing interactive to passive content, interactive content (such as apps, assessments, calculators, configurators and quizzes) is somewhat or very effective at:
    • educating the buyer (93% versus 70% of the time)
    • differentiating from competitors (88% versus 55% of the time)
    • being shared (38% versus 17% of the time)
    • generating conversions (70% versus 36% of the time)

So, why not give it a try? Here are a few examples of interactive content marketing to get your creativity started:

1) The good old calculator

What?: A web-based, interactive calculator that gives users a cost estimate for developing an app, based on their needs.

Who?: Crew

Why is it inspiring?: It’s a good, modern example of a classic online calculator that simplifies the customer’s search for answers and educates them at the same time.

2) The insightful self-assessment

What?: A self-assessment testing your/your company’s meeting habits.

Who?: Citrix (as part of their “GoToMeeting MVPs” campaign)

Why is it inspiring?: A fun and smart way of indirectly saying, “We understand your everyday pain points and we have just the solution for you.” Additional content at the end pushes the audience further down the sales funnel.

3) The classic quiz

What?: A financial literacy quiz

Who?: Paradigm Life

Why is it inspiring?: A smart way of making the audience understand their potential need for advice. And the silver lining? You can use the data generated to create more content AND learn a great deal about your target audience.
Haven’t had enough of inspiration yet? Then, check out these two assessments we made for our clients Snowflake and ON24.

Stay tuned for more examples of interactive content in our next B2B inspiration blog!

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