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“A strategic step-by-step roll-out with demand gen in mind.”

We noticed there was a lot of interest in our last blog post about inspiring B2B campaigns (B2B = NOT boring – 2 inspiring B2B campaigns that prove it).

So we figured, why not make it a series? From now on, we will try to dedicate one post a month to showcasing and paying tribute to fun, cool, interesting, creative B2B campaigns that we find inspiring – along with some commentary from the Sköna team.

For our own fun, cool, interesting and creative work 🙂 we kindly refer you to our Projekts page.

This month we give you some inspiring examples of B2B thought leadership campaigns. Sit back and get inspired!

1. LinkedIn: B2B Dinner For Five


Probably no introduction needed, but for the sake of it: LinkedIn is the social network for business people.


A B2B rip-off of Jon Favreau’s classic TV show Dinner for Five, where he invited Hollywood stars to a casual dinner interview as a way to let their guard down. Apparently, the same format works brilliantly for B2B marketing thought leaders.

In a series of videos, LinkedIn take on key issues in marketing over three courses of unguarded conversation with interesting marketing profiles.


  • The pilot episode was released on April 5th, 2017 with a special, invite-only virtual premiere where the audience could ask the dinner guests live questions.
  • Each of the three dinners is split into several episodes and teasers and released at regular intervals, to up the interest.
  • Each episode is posted on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog and the whole campaign serves to promote that very blog and LinkedIn as a source for marketing insights.


  • Relaxed, personal, with references to anecdotes from the participants’ professional life and personal experiences. Therefore easy for marketing professionals to relate to.
  • Concise packaging (each episode only 2 mins long) and strategic step-by-step roll-out with demand gen in mind.


2. Adobe: CMO.com


Again, probably no introduction needed, but just for kicks: Adobe is an American multinational computer software company known for products like Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, the Portable Document Format (PDF) and Adobe Creative Cloud.


A brand content hub for CMOs and aspiring CMOs, Adobe really have managed to take thought leadership beyond a mere blog by creating a promotion-free content hub and using it as a launchpad for deeper customer relationships.


  • CMO.com delivers relevant content that the audience is looking for, but without over-the-top promotion of the Adobe brand.
  • Well-curated and on-brand content – Content by association, meaning that although the insights are not always delivered by Adobe themselves or refer to their products, the content always naturally links back to the Adobe brand.

Other examples of great branded content marketing hubs include:

And finally, to wrap it all up, a look at one of our own campaigns that we created for Apigee in 2015 – we had the pleasure of working with them for two years before they were acquired by Google. They have done a great job taking the lead on the topic of APIs and digital transformation. Read more about the case and how we helped them on the road to thought leadership here.

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