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“B2B can be really cool, unexpected and bold!”

Working with B2B brands, we meet a lot of prejudice against what marketing for B2B really is about. Generally, the words ‘B2B’ and ‘fun’ or ‘inspiring’ just don’t go together in people’s minds. But who says that B2B marketing automatically means boring, predictable or restrained? We say B2B can be really cool, unexpected and bold!

Here are two examples of B2B marketing campaigns that prove it.


Gigamon develops intelligent network visibility solutions that enhance network monitoring.


As a development to their original hardware/software offering, Gigamon realized its technology could also help network security applications work far more effectively by giving them visibility into malicious network traffic. The challenge was creating awareness and engagement in a completely new category – the security delivery platform. In short, create visibility where there hasn’t been any before.

To make the point, the creative team leveraged a popular meme: urban camouflage. Gigamon employed a world champion body painter to paint four ‘hackers’ into four corporate scenarios. The message? “Cybercriminals. Now there’s nowhere to hide.”

The stunt was supported by a microsite (wefightsmart.com) with additional content and information to which 27 security vendors also added their branding in a manifesto against cybercrime.


  • An internal launch to get Gigamon salespeople on board
  • A campaign launch with a big event at the NYSE and in the Wall Street Journal to get the ball rolling
  • Live ‘painted hackers’ at security events for buzz (social media magnets)
  • Banners and emails to fuel the fire

The result? 1,465 leads and a 43% rise in sales. (Wow!)


  • Smart and impactful repositioning of the brand within a new category, from a networking vendor to a security company.
  • Educational about ‘network visibility’ while still entertaining and highly social media friendly.
  • Effective mix of digital and offline executions.
  • Effective onboarding of ecosystem partners – makes the campaign more than “just” a sales pitch and actually evokes a sense of importance and credibility.
  • Great application of relevant content and calls-to-action across all channels secured maximum engagement and lead generation.

Read the in-depth case at B2B Marketing.


Lockheed Martin: Generation beyond



A global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies company.


The Generation Beyond campaign is basically a national educational program designed to inspire the next generation of innovators, explorers, inventors and pioneers to pursue STEM careers. At the heart of the campaign is the mind-blowingly cool immersive Mars Bus experience, in which the windows of a seemingly ordinary school bus transform to take riders on a tour of the Martian surface.

A group of selected students received a surprise ride, after which the bus was displayed indoors at the nation’s largest science festival, USA Science and Engineering Festival, sponsored by Lockheed Martin, in Washington D.C.

The campaign was, of course, also supported by a microsite with additional content, including everything from hands-on learning tools and a curriculum for educators, to videos and fact sheets about Mars and Lockheed Martin.


  • Although seemingly targeted at inspiring the future STEM generation, this campaign is as much a sales tool as it is a PR-generating machine – showcasing Lockheed Martin’s know-how and technology.
  • The campaign takes one of the hottest marketing fads of the year (VR), where one would think that we now have seen it all, and truly steps up the game.
  • It tells an inspiring story and allows for a re-introduction of emotion and wonder into the corporate narrative.

To sum up, these B2B campaigns show that not only B2C marketing has a claim on “big” and experience-driven marketing.

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