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While the world is being challenged, people and companies are also inspired to help each other out and initiatives of solidarity pop up every day. From local coffee shops offering free coffee to healthcare workers to large companies like Absolut and Louis Vuitton shifting production to hand sanitizer or General Motors, Ford, Tesla, and Dyson taking on the task of producing much-needed ventilators and respirators – there’s simply good news to be shared.

One of our favorites, AdAge, is keeping particularly good track of them – from donations to companies making masks, producing hand sanitizer and other creative initiatives – the list grows every day. We also enjoy the companies striving to keep teams connected, employees calm, kids entertained, and helping heavily impacted industries – every little gesture counts. There’s so much good news, in fact, we just can’t share it all.

We want to applaud their solidarity and creativity and send a special thanks to B2B marketers who are not only focusing on helping companies that are impacted but the people too.

Here are some of our favorite examples of what B2B marketers are doing to keep the good deeds going…

WeTransfer helps out artists and good causes by donating 500 million ad impressions to creatives and causes.

The company increases its donated ad space to support creatives and causes directly affected by Coronavirus with 500 million ad impressions which translates to 5 million in cash. See the cool artwork by Kentaro Okawara and Maria Jesus Contreras included in the initiative below.

Mailchimp is offering a free domain for five years.

You heard right – a free .com for five years. For some, that’s the launch a small brand needs to get the platform and gain momentum to go from idea to brand.

Salesforce is offering grants for small businesses #SmallBizLove

A company supporting companies and people with capital for materials, salaries and anything else to help them get by.

Alyce launched the #handwashchallenge 

Join the #handwashchallenge to raise awareness and boost donations for non-profits and share on LinkedIn and Alyce as a way to raise awareness and raise donations for non-profits.

Lessonly and Snowflake are helping parents keep their kids busy while we all WFH.

Not just for kids! Check out Lessonly and Snowflake to download your own coloring book!

All in all, marketing during a crisis, much less a pandemic, is difficult. We can all agree o that. Keeping your audience engaged and business afloat while dealing with the chaos and supporting people around you is a balancing act. These companies are some that are managing to do this and spread some much needed good vibes at the same time.

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