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Meet us at the Ferry Building!

This week the Skona team is celebrating another fantastic launch – the brand new Ferry Building Marketplace site. Nom nom!!

We teamed up with the fine folks at the Ferry Building to rethink the entire digital experience of one of the most visited San Francisco destinations. Our goal was to not only create an entirely new site for the mobile age, but also deliver the richness of the actual Ferry Building experience in a compelling, modern, visually engaging style.

From the very first discovery phase through the initial design sessions, it was clear that the key to bringing the actual Marketplace experience to life demanded beautiful & tasteful photography. We were incredibly lucky to engage the fantastic photography team Nat & Cody, who were totally up for the challenge.

With the photography team in place, the Skona team then set out to rethink the entire site from the ground up. This meant an entirely new structure, new merchant profiles, visitor information, maps & photo galleries, as well as new blog and newsletter designs to complement their entirely new digital presence.

The result is a tasteful combination of a both modern, mobile-friendly site and a beautifully rich visual experience that will guide visitors from all around the world through the iconic San Francisco food destination that is The Ferry Building Marketplace.