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“Like a lot of rapidly growing software companies, what was a good website and brand when the company served 50 customers, was far less so when we hit 500.” 

– Wynn White, CMO FloQast

Sköna recently launched our first client website of 2019, for FinTech brand – FloQast. FloQast is creating a new category for close management software, to support accountant teams in streamlining their often frustrating and time-consuming month-end close process. The company’s old brand and website no longer matched the company they had become – an established thought-leader serving a fast-growing number of enterprise clients.

To elevate the FloQast’s visual brand and voice, we first took the team through a ‘brand refresh’ exercise to provide a new direction for the visual brand and lay the foundation for the website design to come. The brand got a more contemporary and approachable look while staying true to the personality of the company. The website design is bold and smart with subtle micro-interactions to enhance the experience with nods to the financial industry.

Strategically, a key goal of the website is to educate the target audience on close management software and the benefits of FloQast. In other words, to create awareness around an unknown solution to a known problem. From a UX/UI standpoint, we’ve created paths for users to engage with content at different stages of their buyer’s journey, with the goal to generate demand and drive inbound leads.


“Highly creative design captured in both visual and copy coupled with technical acumen has given us a foundation on which to further scale. When a recent advertising campaign required agency work, it was a no brainer to turn to Sköna once again.”

– Wynn White, CMO FloQast



The new brand and website have received rave reviews from the senior team at FloQast. Even more importantly, within just weeks after launch, FloQast has seen conversions increase from 1.9% to 2.2%. This 15% increase is a significant lift for the company, and they are just getting started!

See the finished product here: floqast.com

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