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Yes – everyone and their mother are talking about how to stay connected during these unprecedented work-from-home/shelter-in-place times. Like everyone else, we’re having weekly company-wide check-ins… with mandatory video turned on! We’ve even designed new Skona Zoom backgrounds (download your free one here) to make it a little easier. But it’s also been fun to better get to know our teams – including their pets, kids, roommates and different decorating styles.

We started a little game we call the #workfromhomechallenge. And @Wrike – you’re up! Use LinkedIn to show us your best, most elaborate team screenshot. And while you’re at it, make sure to pass the challenge on to some of your other favorite partner, client and vendor teams!

As a team, we were pretty used to working from home before this, but of course it’s different when you’re forced to. We’re especially concerned for those team-members who live alone and we’re constantly checking in with one another to make sure nobody feels stranded or alone. And our one-on-one’s are now focused on general life-stress, mental health, overall well-being and coping mechanisms. Yeah – of course we still talk about clients and status, but we’re making sure to prioritize our team members and their well-being.

We also had moments of feeling overwhelmed by the negative news bombarding us. So we created slack channels dedicated too: #goodvibesonly and #remotelife – both of those have provided a sense of ease. And we’re of course frequently reminding one another to wash our hands!

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