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It’s a familiar pattern. Tech startups innovating and developing until they’re ready to unleash their big idea on the world, then growing, maturing. The problem? During these early years, it’s natural that companies will – for good reason – focus the lion’s share of their resources on making their product or service the very best it can be, often leaving self-promotion and explanation – in particular, the website – struggling to keep up.

Once the business is operating, it can be hard to find the time to course-correct, generating a disconnect between the sophistication of product and website (and underlying brand). As a company matures and evolves into parallel market areas, it can be all too easy for the website to develop in an unplanned way, no longer reflecting the coherence of the brand or strategy.

Sales and marketing teams can be almost apologetic in their communication with prospects and customers, aware that the information (or the way that it’s presented) on the website can be hard to find, contradictory, or just plain confusing. Designs can grow stale and outdated – and the core message or philosophy can get lost amid all the noise.

A great website is more than just a shop window, more than a useful repository of links and contact forms. It’s often the first point of contact that your potential customers have with a business – you need to make it count! It should be a vital expression of the brand, communicating core philosophies with every color, every phrase, every user experience.

Form should follow function, art should imitate life – there should be nothing surplus, nothing wasted – every pixel should make a point. If a website were a shop window, then the lights would always be on and the stock would always be just what the passer-by was looking for.

At Sköna we believe that for a website to become a genuine, powerful expression of brand, beauty has to be more than skin deep – it must be based on a profound, strategic understanding of a customer’s business, of where they’ve been and where they want to go. Performance is critical – the website has to act as a true lead gen channel, offering great content that supports all steps of the buyer’s journey – driving conversion, empowering and optimizing sales. SEO must be built into the very fabric of the website – every page and resource finely tuned to bring people in – and propel the company’s business forward.

We practice what we preach. Over the summer we helped leading marketing platform Punchh to completely overhaul their brand and website, creating a bold, modern expression of what makes them stand out from the pack. You can see the finished product here

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