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Midsummer is a Swedish holiday that marks the start of the summer vacation. It coincides with the longest day of the year. The sun goes down around 11 pm and rises again at 3 am. We surely miss the sunlight during our long winters – especially this year, when we had snow until May, so it obviously calls for a celebration!

Midsummer is a holiday filled with alcoholic beverages such as Absolut and Snaps, meatballs, and dancing until the early morning with friends and family.  According to tradition you dance around the maple (which is an ancient fertility symbol) while you sing “The Frog Song”. The iconic midsummer flower wreaths and raincoats are also a must. Even if this is supposed to be a holiday that marks the start of the summer, it somehow always ends up raining at one point during the day.

We wish our colleagues at the Stockholm office a great and rain-free midsummer. Meanwhile, the Swedes here at the San Francisco office are heading to IKEA to stack up on Snaps, herring, and meatballs!

Glad midsommar!



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